Surgery, Herbal Treatment and Home Remedies

Urology Lab provides new prostate surgery, herbal treatment and testing for BPH, benign prostatic hyperplasia, hypertrophy, enlarged prostate, prostatitis, stones, calcifications, cysts, herpes, genital warts, STD, erection, urinary and sexual diseases and symptoms. Many are unique and not available in western clinics and hospitals.



Urology Lab and its affiliated herbalist, doctors, clinics and hospitals provide a variety of unique surgery and treatments which are unavailable in typical western medical system. The most notable surgeries are:

Penetration Prostate Surgery for Prostatitis

A unique prostate treatment for prostatitis, chronic prostatitis, prostate infection, calcification, stones, cysts. Cocktail of antibiotics and herbal medicine are used in conjunction for synergy results for both infection and obstruction such as calcification, calcium blockage, etc.

Penetration Epididymal Surgery for Epididymitis and Epididymal Cysts

Another unique epididymal treatment for epididymal infection, cysts, blockage, etc. Combined antibiotics and cyst dissolving herbs are involved in the surgery to kill Epididymal infection and epididymal cyst.

Penetration Seminal Vesicle Surgery for Seminal Infection and Enlargement

An ingenious surgery to eradicate infection and swelling in the seminal vesicles. The surgery allows direct penetration of antibiotics and herbal medicine to work efficiently.


Urethra Absorption Surgery for Urinary Tract Infection

A very effective local urethra treatment for urinary tract infection, STD infection, NSU, NGU, and other urethral infections. Urethra surgery is a perfect replacement for oral antibiotic treatment with less side effects and much powerful kill capability against STD infections such as Chlamydia. Home treatment is also available. Home treatment also works.

Women Penetration Pelvic Surgery for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease PID

This is a very ingenious surgery invented by our urologist. By penetration of antibiotics and obstruction decomposing herbs to women pelvic cavity such as the cervix, uterus, ovarian tubes and ovaries, the surgery is able to cure extremely stubborn and chronic pelvic infection and PID caused by STD or sexual intercourse. Women with oophoritis, salpingitis, endometritis, peritonitis, cervicitis, blocked fallopian tubes, ovarian cyst, and other pid related diseases, blockage and infections will find satisfactory cure with the pelvic surgery. Home treatment is also available.

Vaginal Absorption Surgery for Vaginal Infection

Vaginal penetration surgery is designed for women with chronic and complicated vaginal infection such as vaginitis, vaginosis, cervicitis, STD infection, Chlamydia, etc. Vaginal absorption surgery is best to take after conventional antibiotic treatment has failed. Patients can also take vaginal absorption surgery at home.

Complete Surgery List

We also have other extraordinary surgeries which are very distinctive in their treatment approach and efficacy.


Herbal Therapies

Thousands of herbal therapies, acupuncture, physical therapies, natural remedies, alternative and home remedies for various chronic and hard to cure diseases and conditions.

Herbal Treatment for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia BPH

Integrative herbal remedies with herbal medicine, physical therapy, thermo therapy, sitz bath, prostate massage, food therapy, diet change, life style change and natural supplements to treat BPH at home. The herbal treatment is the most comprehensive and thorough home remedy and is ideal replacement for bph surgery such as TURP surgery, prostatectomy.

Herbal Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Our herbalist has also formulated a series of herbal remedies as a complementary treatment during and after prostate cancer surgery. The herbal medicine regulates immune system, triggers stronger cancer defense mechanism, reduce pain, side effects and symptoms during and after prostate cancer surgery, enhance damaged appetite, strengthens and speed up body repair process, and most importantly, to reduce or prevent prostate cancer from coming back.

Herbal Treatment for Prostatitis, Prostate Calcification and Cyst

Almost each and every case of prostatitis is complicated as it involves multiple prostate infections, obstruction and blockage, calcification, stones and cyst. It often come with complications such as infections and enlargement in seminal vesicles, epididymis, sperm ducts, urethra, bladder. Integrated herbal therapies are the best home therapies for these urological and genital problems. Several types of herbal medicine are used to treat infections, blockage, calcification, kidney deficiency and erection problems, and also take prostate massage, sitz bath, prostate muscle exercise, acupuncture and plasters to induce strong local blood circulation for self healing process.


Herbal Treatment for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease is a system of diseases and complications involving infections and obstruction which are very difficult to treat with conventional antibiotic treatment. We suggest a systematic natural ways to correct the damaged condition and restore balance back by eradicating vaginal infection, clearing obstructed mass, and introduce new blood circulation and metabolism. The herbal treatment involves several herbal medicine, sitz bath, thermo therapy, acupuncture, plasters.

Herbal Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence

Erection problem is common in men with prostatitis, bph, enlarged prostate. For this special group of people, our herbalist has a few natural solutions to remediate the conditions and restore erection and strength. For erectile dysfunction and impotence caused by aging or heart disease, we use a mild and natural approach to slowly regain erection with daily intake of herbal tea. Unlike chemical drugs such as Viagra which emphasizes short term effect, the result from our herbal approach is very stable and safe.

Herbal Treatment for Infertility

There are many causes of men and women infertility. Our specialty is on treating people with infertility caused by prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, enlarged prostate, epididymitis, blocked sperm duct, blocked fallopian tubes, blocked ovaries, etc. We also have special treatments for dead sperms, low count sperms, yellow semen, reduced semen volume, etc.

Herbal Treatment for Kidney Stones, Bladder Stones, Pancreatic Stones

Several functional medicines have unique stone dissolving properties are widely used in our herbal formulas for various types of stones in the kidney, bladder and the pancreas. In a few weeks after the herbal treatment, particles of stones are decomposed and move out of the body with urine. People will notice cloudy or milky urine during treatment.


Herbal Treatment for Menopause

Irregular periods and menopause in women are common. Chemical medicine often cause more harm than benefits. The herbalist is capable of restoring the abnormal condition with skillful use of herbal medicine. The cure result is often surprisingly good.

More Herbal Treatment

Backed by a list of specialized herbal clinics and herbalist, we have thousands of unconventional herbal remedies for people who are used to take chemical medicine in the past. Check with our herbalist for more details.

Medical Consultation

Our urologist, doctor and herbalist will provide email consultation, diagnosis, suggestions and education on choice of surgery, herbal treatment, western medicine and herbal medicine on various types of chronic and complicated diseases and conditions.


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