Prostate Treatment Herbal

A oriental saw palmetto version comprehensive herbal treatment for prostatitis, bph, benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatic hypertrophy, enlarged prostate, epididymitis, calcification, cyst, abscess. The oriental saw palmetto version prostate herbal treatment is far more effective than saw palmetto, pygeum, beta sitosterol, prostat, prostata, cernilton and alpha blockers.


Prostate Treatment with Herbal Medicine

The home treatment for prostatitis, bph, is formulated from herbal medicine used in the Green Prostatectomy and Prostate Surgery Penetration. In addition, patients also take a list of herbal tablets which have specific roles in the treatment of bph, benign prostatic hyperplasia, enlarged prostate and prostatitis. Lastly, physical therapies are also adopted to enhance medicine penetration, blood circulation, self-healing ability and boost immune system.

Prostate Herbal Medicine

The herbal medicine is used to treat various problems of the prostate, such as to dissolve obstruction and cyst, shrink the prostate, restore physiological functions of the prostate, urinary functions and sexual erection function. Medicine for prostate treatment consists of several herbal tablets, prostate massage, urethra infusion, sitz bath, heat therapy. The combined efficacy can quickly relieve prostate symptoms and pain to a great extent.

Efficacy of Prostate Treatment

Home Herbal prostate treatment is a comprehensive prostate therapy that encompasses all key factors of a successful treatment on prostatitis and bph and benign prostatic hyperplasia. 

Prostate Treatment to Eliminate Infection

Use of natural antibiotics to kill prostate infection is one of the component part of the prostate treatment for home. A few herbs and natural ingredients are resistant to infections, inhibit growth of bacteria, eliminate prostate infection and reduce inflammation. 


Prostate Treatment to Decompose Obstruction and Calcification

Obstruction forms in the prostate acini after long term infection and it is a common prostate symptom in chronic prostatitis and bph. The herbal formula contains ingredient that helps dissolve prostate blockage, shrink prostate back to normal size. Currently, there is no prostate surgery or treatment which treat prostate obstruction and calcification.

Prostate Treatment to Eliminate Inflammation

Prostate inflammation is caused by bacteria Infection in the prostate. Prostate inflammation causes deteriorating condition in the prostate and facilitate the formation of blockage, it also causes a variety of dysfunction to the prostate. Some herbal supplements of the prostate treatment improve inflammation in the prostate, facilitate blood circulation to reduce inflammation, boost strong body immune system in the prostate.

Prostate Treatment to Restore Sexual Functions

After infection, inflammation and obstruction are cleared, prostate home treatment also need to quickly restore normal functions of the prostate, such as urinary function and sexual function. Also, the herbs help remove stagnant blood and fluid, improve circulation and restore healthy condition of the prostate such as lecithin amount, free of bacteria, abundant supply of nutrition and healthy PH. After these conditions are improved, men will not experience erectile dysfunction, soft erection, loss of libido and sexual desire. In a few after prostate treatment at home, men will gradually regain strong erection, libido, sexual desire, normal and pleasant sexual intercourse, forceful ejaculation.


Prostate Treatment to Restore Urinary Functions

Almost all patients with bph and prostatitis have urinary symptoms such as frequent urination, urgent urination, difficult urinating, urinary retention, milky urine, cloudy urine, bladder leakage, urinating blood, excessive urination, incontinence, urgency to urinate, burning after urination, dysuria, nocturia. The causes are obstruction, cyst, abscess and calcification of urethra and prostate. Also, weakened kidney also contribute to urinary symptoms. Herbal supplements with dissolving ingredients will break down the structures and restore normal urinary functions. In the meantime, herbs that boost strong erection, kidney nourishing and men strength enhancement are also taken to help restore forceful urination and cures dysuria and nocturia.

Theory of Prostate Treatment for Prostatitis and BPH

In Asian herbal medicine theory, prostatitis and bph are common disease caused by urethritis, urinary tract infection, epididymitis or spermatocystitis. In clinical perspective, it is divided into acute and chronic prostatitis, inflammatory or non-inflammatory category, or specific or non-specific category. Prostatitis and bph are classified in the categories of suspended yang-carbuncle, white turbidity, white evil, seminal turbidity, fatigue strangury, grease strangury, kidney deficiency induced lumbar pains.

Symptoms of Acute Prostatitis and BPH

1.  Intense Heat and Exuberant Toxin

Prostate symptoms: persistent high fever, unrest, Sudden onset, vexation, thirst, liking drinks, swelling, reddening, scanty urine, heat and pains of the perineum, burning sensation and pains in the urethra, obstructed urination, or urine with visible pus and blood, constipation, rapid and string-like pulse, red tongue, yellowish tongue coating.

Therapeutic principle: Discharge heat and resolve toxin.

After prostatitis diagnosis, the urologist prepares the herbal prostate formula specifically for this type of prostatitis. 

Formula and ingredients: Gentian Liver-Draining Variant Decoction


2. Damp and Heat Inrushing Downward

Prostate symptoms: intermittent fevers and chills during early stage, frequent micturation, rapid progress, urinary urgency with inhibited voiding, falling-like distension or pains of the perineum, burning sensation and stinging pains in the urethra, or visible bloody urine, a bitter taste in the sticky mouth, dry mouth, constipation, distension and pains in the lower abdomen, yellow and slimy tongue coating, red tongue, soggy and rapid pulse. 

Therapeutic Principle: clear heat and excrete damp . 

After prostatitis diagnosis, the doctor prepares the herbal prostate formula specifically for this type of prostatitis. 

Formula and ingredients: Eight Corrections Variant Powder

Chronic Prostatitis

Incomplete treatment of acute prostatitis may result in chronic prostatitis. However, most patients have no obviously acute stage. The etiology is clinically complex. In clinical practice, the following factors may bring on the occurrence of chronic prostatitis, including frequent sexual activities, dysfunction of the immune system, frequent masturbation, indulgence in drinking wine and alcohol, influence caused by urethra, inflammation of the upper-respiratory tract, perineum, seminal vesicle, rectum, epididymitis, and so forth.


Symptoms of Chronic BPH and Prostatitis

1 .  Qi-Stagnation and Blood Stasis

Prostate Symptoms: relatively long disease history, obvious pains radiating to the lower abdomen, testicle, and waist, white excreting from the urethra at the end of the urinating, strangury when urinating, or visible bloody urine, slight hardening of the prostate checked out by the prostate doctor's finger insertion from the anus, or palpable nodules and tenderness, darkish tongue body, or stasis macules and speckles on the tongue, uneven pulse. 

Therapeutic principle: Move the qi, check pains, quicken blood circulation, transform stasis . 

After prostate diagnosis, the physician prepares the prostate formula specifically for this type of prostatitis. 

Prostate Formula and ingredients: Origin-Restoring Blood- Quickening Variant Decoction 

2.  Deficiency of the Kidney-Yin

Prostate Symptoms: The diseases lasts quite a long term without recovering. The patient is enfeebled due to the chronic course, or he has once indulged in excessive sexual activities or masturbation. White or sticky excretion from the mouth of the urethra usually or at the end of the urination. Post-voidings dribble, aching pains of the loins, soft legs, feverish sensation in the soles and palms in the afternoon, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, profuse dreaming, seminal emission, premature ejaculation, hypofunction of the sexual ability, red tongue with few coating, thready and rapid pulse . 

Therapeutic principle: tonify kidneys, astringe essence, moisten the yin, and lower fire. 

After prostatitis diagnosis, the prostate specialist prepares the herbal prostate formula specifically for this type of prostatitis. 

Prostate Formula and ingredients: Anemarrhena, Phellodendron, and Rehmannia Variant Decoction. 

3.  Damp and Heat Inrushing Downward

Prostate Symptoms: short disease history, scanty and yellowish urine, frequent micturation, urinary urgency, painful urination, stinging pains or burning sensation in the urethra, distention and pains of the perineum and lower abdomen, intermittent white and profuse excretion from the mouth of the urethra, dry mouth, a bitter taste in the sticky mouth, yellow and slimy tongue coating, stinging and slippery and rapid pulse. 

Therapeutic principle: clear heat and excrete damp. 

After prostatitis diagnosis, the prostate doctor prepares the herbal prostate formula specifically for this type of prostatitis. 

Prostate Formula and components: Fish Poison Yam Clear-Turbid Separation Variant Beverage 

Administration: A dosage per day, decocting twice a day, taking 200-300ml of pure soup each time. 

Please contact our prostate urologist for the order of the above Chinese herbs package.

Natural Prostate Treatment

Asian herbal medicine, free of very strong side effects, can well be used to treat this challenging disease of prostatitis/bph with satisfactory results. herbal prostate medicine excels in many aspects compared to a variety of medication now available in drugstores.

In herbal medicine theory, chronic prostatitis is traditionally termed as white turbidity, semen turbidity. Lower burner damp-heat, disturbance of qi transformation are the pathogenic factors that lead to such condition, in the explanation of the formation process by herbal medicine theory. The following below lists five categories of chronic prostatitis with corresponding treatment approaches.

Symptoms of Chronic Prostatitis

1. Prostatitis: Downpour of damp-heat

This type of prostatitis prevails during the acute stage of prostatitis development. Heat-clearing, toxin-resolving, dampness-disinhibiting and turbidity-percolating approaches should be adopted. Doctors are advised to prescribe Ba Zheng Shan when there is much heat; Yu Bai Pi and Dong Kui Zi should be increased in volume in Ba Zheng Shan when there is much dampness; Shan Miao Wan plus Bi Yu Shan are recommended when both heat and dampness remains too much. Attention should be paid upon the fact that the herbs for disinhibiting dampness and clearing heat should not be administrated for long due to the damage to spleen, stomach, yin and liquid.

2. Prostatitis: Intense Yin Vacuity Fire

Due to frequent masturbation, excess of sexual intercourse, the patients present waist soreness, fatigue, burning sensation of five centers, white turbidity dripping, constipation, scanty reddish urine, etc.. Kidney-yin nourishment approaches should be adopted. Liu Wei Di Huang Pill is recommended for the treatment.

3. Prostatitis: Insufficiency of Kidney-Yang

Symptom includes frequent micturition, white turbidity dripping, cold body and limbs, pain in perineum, clamminess in scrotum, premature ejaculation, emission, dizziness. Kidney should be warmed and nourished under such circumstance. Cinnamon Bark and Aconite Eight-Ingredient Pill is recommended for treatment.

4. Prostatitis: Qi Stagnation and Stasis

Most prostatitis patients with long history belong to such category. Presentation includes discomfort or pain in lower abdomen, perineum, waist, sacrum, tingling sensation with urethra. Therapeutic principle should be promoting blood circulation, transforming stasis, regulating qi and dredging stagnation. Yuan Recovery and Blood Activation Decoction is recommended. 

5. Prostatitis: Insufficiency of Qi in Middle Burner 

Presentation include long voiding of clear urine, frequent urination, white turbidity dripping, pain in perineum, debilitation, fatigue, laziness, short breathing, poor appetite. Therapeutic principle such as nourishing middle burner, supplementing qi, ascending the clear and descending the turbid should be adopted. So, Center Supplementing and Qi-Boosting Decoction is recommended. 

Prostate Treatment at Home

The prostate treatment consist of various types of herbal tablets, capsules, granules for infection, inflammation, obstruction, calcification, pain and symptoms, erection, sperm quality, infertility, urinary symptoms caused by prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, bph, benign prostatic hypertrophy, epididymitis. In addition, physical therapies are also adopted, such as sitz bath with herbs, prostate massage, prostate muscles exercises, food therapy, acupuncture.


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